• Custom fit, to secure 99% of door closers
  • Laser-cut out of solid 12 gauge carbon steel (.104” thick)
  • Powder coated in “Safety Red”
  • Lightweight
  • FEA tested
  • Tested to withstand over 550 ft-lbs of force
  • Industrial-strength rubber pads
  • Developed, designed, and manufactured in Muscatine, Iowa
  • Patent pending

"When lives are threatened, you have to act fast."

Daniel Nietzel, classroom teacher of 6 years, from Muscatine, Iowa had a vision of an effective, proficient, trustworthy, and fast way to protect classrooms across America. With nothing more than a vision and raw determination he turned that vision into a reality and Fighting Chance Solutions was born. Organized in the fall of 2013, Daniel aligned himself with fellow educators Edwin Colon, John Lawrence, Mike Morgan and James Hayes and fabricator Carl Negus and together they brought "The Sleeve" to life.

The Sleeve made out of solid carbon steel is light weight and easy to deploy (see diagram below). The safety provided by the Sleeve comes from being able to secure the classroom from inside by simply sliding the Sleeve over the door closer. This keeps the teacher inside the classroom with the children vs. having to go into the hallway to lock the door (most classroom doors only lock from the outside) where the active shooter or violent intruder is patrolling.

Locate your Sleeve and closer arm. Start the Sleeve on the closer. Slide over the closer arm.