MCD provides a full selection of locksets, available in multiple functions and finishes right here online! 

1000-CLARE-11-26D_copyGrade One
2000-CLARE-01-26D_copyGrade Two

ANSI- ANSI is a voluntary standard grading system that is used within the door hardware industry to determine the durability and level of security provided by the lock.

Grade 1- Lockset most commonly used in high traffic commercial building doors.

Grade 2- Lockset most commonly used in low traffic commercial building doors

Door Functions:

Classroom- The latch-bolt is retracted by the grip on either side of the door, unless the outside grip is locked by either the inside key or the outside key.  Operating the inside grip will  always retract the latch-bolt.

Passage- Rotating door handles, neither of which lock.

Privacy- Lockable on one side commonly by push-button, emergency release on opposite side.

Store Room- Always locked on outside requiring key for entry with rotating door handle on the inside which never locks for safe exit.