Michigan Commercial Door offers Automatic Door Openers for Residential Installation. 

Automatic door openers are very common and have been around for many years in the commercial industry.  However, over the past few years, more and more individuals have had residential automatic door openers installed at their homes, apartments and professional offices.  These residential automatic door openers can considerably improve the quality of life by improving accessibility for the handicapped, disabled and elderly.  Whether using a wheelchair, scooter or walker, having an automatic door opener can make getting around much easier.  Michigan Commercial Door can supply, install and repair automatic door openers on almost any type of opening using our trained technicians.

Residential automatic openers for the disabled, handicapped and elderly come in many styles.  The openers come in silver, gold or bronze finish or can easily be painted to match the décor of any room. These door openers are unobtrusive and can be installed on almost any door including but not limited to entry and exit doors, bedrooms, bathrooms, meeting rooms or private offices.  Typically these openers are smaller in size and require lower voltages to operate than commercial openers.  They can be remotely operated and can also include devices to insure dwelling security.  In cases of power outages, these openers can be supplied with battery backups to ensure continued accessibility.  In all cases, the door can still be used without the use of the door opener if necessary.

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