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High Speed Doors speed up production and lower maintenance costs. High Speed Doors are made of an impact absorbing fabric that resists damage from even the most aggressive Hi-Lo driver. Moving at speeds of up to 12 feet in less than 3 seconds this amazing door solves many problems, including:

  • Temperature Control
  • Bottlenecking
  • Downtime as a Result of Impact - Maintenance and Repair Costs
  • Enhance Facility Productivity
  • Pays for Itsself Within Two Years - Best Overall Return on Investment 


Difference Between a High Speed Door and An Industrial Door  

High Speed Doors

Are designed for fast open and close, allowing people and/or equipment to move quickly through the opening. when properly applied, they can increase environmental separation, productivity and safety, and reduce maintenance costs. there are two basic designs of high speed doors: roll-up and bi-parting. Roll-up open vertically, while bi-parting doors open horizontally from the center.  The specific application must be examined to determine which style is ideal, as each design has distinct features and benefits. 

Industrial Doors

Are barriers used to separate environments of a facility, yet allow passge through when needed. There are many different types of industrial doors, inclding: high speed roll up doors, bi-parting doors, sectioanl overhead doors, rolling steel doors, screen doors and impact doors. Each type of door can bring distinct features to an application.



Six Factors to Consider to Determine the Best Total Door Solution for a Facility


Environmental Control

The most common reason for purchasing a door is to separate different environments. There are several factors which can affect environmental control. These include: environmental separation, sealing, speed of operation, security and quality control.

Click Here for a High Speed Door Sealing Demo Video

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Improve the efficiency of a facility by allowing fast passage time of equipment to move quickly throug the opening increasing productivity. Also, optimizing the traffic flow through a facility will improve efficiency, and will increase the productivity of your employees.



The durability of a door can be determined by the following criteria: performance, impactability, maintenance needs and service support.

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Because safety is improtant at every facility, factors must be considered which can affect safety. the type and flow of traffic at the opening can contribute to safety concerns. Also consider visibility needs at the opening. A high traffic opening will require more visibility than an opening with minimal traffic. Finally, look for the potential for accidents.

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Properly activated doors can provide many benefits.Use activation to your advantage to improve safety, increase environmental separation, customize door operation, improve productivity, eliminate false cycles, minimize door impacts and lower maintenance and downtime.



The door provider you choose should provide a total solution, not just hardware. You should expect innovative products with state-of-the-art features.


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