MI Commercial Door has added Berner Air Curtains to our product and service offerings.  Berner International is a leading air door manufacturer, in business for more than 50 years; the Berner air curtains have an outstanding performance record.  Air curtains are a cost effective solution for maintaining interior comfort and cleanliness.  An air door creates energy savings by blocking cold air entry in the winter and hot air entry in the summer.  Air doors also facilitate maintenance of a clean environment by blocking bugs and insects, debris or other pollutants from entering the building. 

Air doors come in heated or unheated versions.  Heated air curtains can be powered by electricity, steam or gas, allowing for the most cost effective heated air curtain solution.  Air doors can be ordered in various colors to match existing decor and multiple mounting configurations to blend in with architectural structure.

Air curtains are used in many industries including industrial/manufacturing, commercial/retail, food service and restaurants.

Michigan Commercial Door can meet all of your air curtain needs in Southeastern Michigan, including Detroit, Flint and Ann Arbor.  Please contact us at 877-881-6758 and speak with an account representative today.