Strip Doors not only save energy but can also improve traffic flow.

Vinyl strip doors (also known as PVC strip doors or plastic strip curtains) are an economical and efficient way to separate two areas while still allowing access through the opening.  Strip doors are most often used to keep cool air in and warm air out and are generally found in areas near coolers and freezer units.  However they can also be used in welding areas, loading docks and personnel entry & exit points.  The doors are designed with overlapping strips to enhance temperature control.  The doors can also be used to keep out dust and other pollutants.  Strip doors can also help improve traffic flow through facilities for employees or equipment moving material or products. 

Vinyl strip doors are easily installed, maintained and replaced.  Because the strips on the door are all individual pieces, damaged strips can be replaced without replacing the entire unit.  There are many different types of strip doors to fit many different needs.

Michigan Commercial door also provides many other energy saving products including, insulated rolling and sectional doors, air curtains, weatherseal, dock seals and shelters, and high speed doors. 

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