Code Compliance

Fire Door Testing Greatly Reduces Risk of Loss of Life and Property

NFPA 80 Requirements

Fire Door Systems and Code ComplianceThe National Fire Protection Association code (NFPA 80 15-2.4.3) which relates to rolling and sliding fire doors reads as follows: "All horizontal or vertical fire doors shall be inspected and tested annually to check for proper operation and full closure. Resetting of the release mechanism shall be done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. A written record shall be maintained and be made available to the authority having jurisdiction."

Stay in Compliance with NFPA 80

Fire Door Test and Certification Program helps you stay in compliance with National and Local Fire Door codes. Compliance requires an annual test by a factory trained technician. We offer drop testing and repair for your rolling steel fire doors. As required by NFPA 80, we provide a verification of fire door operation form which is kept both at our location and yours. In addition, we provide a tag which is affixed to the inspected door as a visual reminder for both the facility owner and the fire official.

Look for the yellow tag!

The fire door tag is attached onto all new installations and after drop-tests and/or repairs of rolling doors. This tag is highly visible and helps both the local fire marshal and the facility manager to ensure the doors are in compliance with NFPA 80. If you have a fireproof door, make sure you protect your company from fire damage as well as costly legal fees by scheduling an annual check.

Complimentary Reminder Service!

We are the only overhead door company that offers a reminder service for our customers with rolling steel fire doors. When we verify your commercial garage doors as operational and issue your documentation, a copy of the verification form is filed at our location. Ten months after the test, a representative will call to remind you that soon your doors will need their annual test, and to set up an appointment for our service crew. We have the most complete fire door test and certification program in the state of Michigan and is the only company in Michigan that routinely prompts recertification. Call us at 800-826-3667 or Email Us to set up your annual drop test for fire resistant overhead doors!