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An air curtain (or Air Door) uses a wall of air generated by specialized fans to separate areas of pressure or temperature differential. A curtain of air seals itself around penetrating objects so, in effect, the door is both "open" and "closed" at the same time.

  • Seals out cold air at door openings while taking the warm inside air and recirculating it from ceiling to floor.
  • Seals in air conditioning and seals out hot, humid air to maintain a controlled environment.  This is a perfect application for retail and restaurant establishments that wish to keep their customers comfortable while shopping or eating.
  • Repels insects, prevents microorganisms from entering building and helps to maintain hygienic standards.This application will keep help keep the bugs out whether you are in an industrial setting or a retail / restaurant establishment.
  • Prevents the infiltration of dust, dirt and objectionable fumes from contaminating sanitary environments.   This is a perfect appplication for an overhead door in an industrial setting. 
  • Offers invisible and unobstructed entrances to customers, employees, materials and equipment.
  • Enhances customer and employee comfort by recirculating interior air for a balanced temperature.
  • Supplements heating in the loading dock area.
  • Maintains positive pressure in clean room environments and eliminates the need for airlocks.

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The photo to the right shows the power of the air curtain as a jet of CO2, simulating a powerful wind, is deflected and the penetrating blast of CO2 is stopped cold!



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