• Overhead door screen door systems help ventilate your building at exterior overhead doors, rolling steel doors or sectional overhead loading dock doors while keeping bugs, rodents and birds out and providing security at the same time.

Product Overview:


Overhead Door Screen Door Systems are designed to ventilate any commercial, industrial or institutional facility, while eliminating the problems that occur when exterior Overhead Doors, Rolling Steel Doors or Overhead Loading Dock Doors are left open. The Overhead Door Screen System provides security, while eliminating entrance by unauthorized people, insects, birds, and rodents. It also acts as a deterrent for employee theft.

Overhead Screen Door Systems are added to the existing Overhead Door’s track system. Using the existing door's lower vertical track, a track switch mechanism is added at the top of the opening, a second set of upper tracks, and a Sectional Overhead Screen Door of stainless steel wire mesh are mounted in tandem with your existing Overhead Door or Rolling Door. The track switch design allows for the independent use of Overhead Door Screen Door and the existing Overhead Door, without manual intervention. A dual track system is also available. The Dual Track configuration allows the user to lower the Overhead Door Screen Door and vary the amount of ventilation with the main Overhead Door or Rolling Door. There are different Mesh sizes available depending on the application. The Overhead Door Screen Door System is ideal for security applications or for food industry applications and have been selected by the USDA.

Applications Include: Overhead Doors, Rolling Doors, Sectional Steel Doors, Overhead Loading Dock Doors, and Sliding Doors 

Overhead Doors:

The Overhead Door Screen Door System can be used in new construction or retrofitted into any existing Overhead Door, Rolling Steel Door, and Sectional Overhead Loading Dock Doors using the track switch mechanism. It utilizes the same vertical track as the existing Overhead Door for a tight seal against the door header.

Another application approach for Overhead Doors or Overhead Sectional Loading Dock Doors is to install a second (dual) track behind the existing Overhead Door’s track. A galvanized steel, reverse angle side plate and brush seal closes any gaps created by the added second track. Brush seal is used to eliminate gaps on the sides, and across the top of the Overhead Door Screen Door System. The advantage of the dual track is the ability of the user to place the Overhead Door Screen Door in the down position and place the existing Sectional Overhead Door at any level within the opening, thereby regulating the amount of airflow allowed into the facility.

Rolling Steel Doors:


With Rolling Steel Door applications, a separate track is used. The Overhead Door Screen Door System can be mounted either in front of the Overhead Rolling Door, traveling straight up the wall, or behind the Rolling Door’s guide. Brush Seal is used to seal the gaps between the Rolling Door and the Overhead Door Screen Door System. Since two tracks are utilized, the user can place the Overhead Door Screen Door System in the down position, and place the Rolling Steel Door at any level within the opening, allowing regulation of the amount of airflow into the facility.


Side Sliding Doors:


The Overhead Door Screen Door System sliding door configuration can be used stand alone or mounted over the existing Sliding Door. For sliding applications, brush seal is used to obtain a full seal around the door.


Stand Alone Doors:


Overhead Door Screen Door Systems can be used as the only Overhead Door for a high lift, vertical lift, standard lift or Overhead Loading Dock Door application.


Security and Food Processing Ventilation Applications:

For security applications, 304 stainless steel is typically used. 304 Stainless Steel screen has been approved in many states for minimum-security institutions and detention centers and allows for security and ventilation without sacrificing the ability to keep out most insects and rodents.

Where additional security is needed, flattened stainless steel is typically used and eliminates unauthorized entry by people, birds or rodents. Overhead Door Screen Door systems have been installed in military, government and nuclear installation facilities.

For food processing applications using flour, grain, and rice products on the premises Overhead Door Screen Door Systems have been recognized by the USDA Agricultural Research Service to help prevent entry by even very small insect classes that are of concern to food facilities using flour products

Power Operated:


Overhead Door Screen Doors can be motor operated using industry standard commercial operators.



Overhead Door Screen Door Systems provide users with a permanent solution for controlling employee theft, and unauthorized entry. Its aluminum and stainless steel construction allow for easy wash-down from high-pressure hoses.

The Overhead Door Screen Door System is ideal for Companies in the food industry, and that are subject to inspection by the FDA, State, USDA, A.S.I. (American Sanitation Institute), or A.I.B. (American Institute of Baking).

Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional customers using Overhead Door Screen Door Systems include storage and packaging plants, high technology electronics plants, plastics manufacturers, cosmetic manufacturers, printing plants, paper plants, pet food processors, distillers, distribution centers.


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