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Introducing a new concept in relocatable, flexible and affordable self storage - Movable Additional Storage Structures

MASS self storage allows owners more flexibility than traditionally constructed building structures. Portable units are an attractive and cost-effective alternative to new construction or conversions. Because they are movable, they can be placed in areas where you would not traditionally build. Portable structures can be classified as equipment, whcih may offer greater tax incentives.   


  • Easily movable by a 5,000 lb forklift
  • Can be built onsite or delivered
  • Highly convenient for reorganizing your layout
  • Uses standard roll up door sizes in over 20 available colors
  • Secure and convenient for renters
  • Built with special features to reduce moisture
  • Easy to add on to accommodate growth
  • Adaptable to odd-sized lots or slightly sloped land/driveways
  • Standard building permits are not required for portable units


  • Configurable mix on a 10' x 20' platform
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Can be anchored to asphalt or other ground materials for stability
  • Can be wired for electricity
  • Uses standard 26 gauge doors
  • 125 psf floor load
  • 50 lb snow load
  • Weather resistant
  • Wood floor standard
  • 20 gauge diamond plate over N-decking option available
  • Special features, including a rain lip and elevated floor, to reduce moisture
  • Skid panel outside the doors to offer a non-sllip entry into unit
  • Units are built close to the ground for easier access
  • Utilizes builder grade roofing materials

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